Are privately run Volvos coffins on move?

Volvo buses run by private operators are virtual running coffins, I, as a regular traveler on the Hyderabad-Bangalore route, can vouch. I normally travel by the Volvos operated by either Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) or APSRTC. But very often, I am forced to travel by the private-run Volvos. This ghastly accident may make me think twice before I take these buses henceforth.

Apparently, the drivers of the public transport corporations are trained to drive the bus by Volvo, the Swedish maker of the vehicle. As a result, these drivers are well-trained in all the functions of the bus and will be in full control of the vehicle even if it is plying at a speed of 100 kmph speed.

On the other hand, the private operators are not so fully aware of the functions of the Volvo and the untrained drivers cannot control the vehicle if anything happens to it at a high speed. Most of the private buses take off from Bangalore anywhere between 10-30 and 11.30 pm and cover the distance of about 575 kms to Hyderabad in about seven hours at a speed of anywhere between 120 km to even 140 km per hour.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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