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Along the hills with Nanda Devi


On March 17, a male lamb was born in the house of shepherd Bharat Singh Choudhari at Ladoli village in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district. When it started to grow horns a few days later, he informed the Nanda Raj Jaat Committee of the birth of a chausingha khadu, or four-horned ram. It was the gift they were waiting for ahead of the Nanda Raj Jaat Yatra, held once every 12 years in the upper Himalayas.

Recognised as a gift of the deity Nanda Devi, the khadu is “guiding” villagers on the tough, 280-kilometre trek. “We believe a chausingha khadu is born preferably in Chamoli before the beginning of the yatra,” said Bhuvan Nautiyal, convener of the Shree Nanda Raj Jaat Yatra Vikash Parishad. Two of the sheep’s horns are visible; Nautiyal says the other two are under fur.

Full report here Indian Express


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