All you wanted to know about travel insurance

Just imagine, you are surfing on the blue green waters of Mauritius, sipping the serene and spiritual beauty of Bhutan in your soul or just wandering on the green pastures of Switzerland! Then all of a sudden, you develop severe stomach- upset in Mauritius, lost your baggage in Bhutan or misplace your passport during night train travel in Switzerland/Germany.

What you will do in such cases?
• In case (1): You will buy medicine or visit Doctor, but in foreign countries over the counter pills are banned and a single visit to Doctor can burn a big hole in your pocket.
 • In case (2): You will have to buy every small thing of your requirement from their market that will again cost extra load on your pocket and you may have to drop some of your dream or leisure buying.
• In case (3): loss of passport is really a serious matter while you are in abroad and cost you not only money but also lots of mental pressure too!

Full report here Moneycontrol 


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