AI’s Frankfurt-Delhi flight delayed by 24 hrs


An unserviceable oxygen bottle on an aircraft has cost Air India dearly and led to a delay of over 24 hours for the 245 passengers who were to fly from Frankfurt to Delhi on Friday night. Since the Dreamliner (VT-AOG) could not take off without this vital emergency equipment, all the flyers were put up in an expensive Frankfurt hotel.

“Oxygen bottles are critical emergency equipment meant to supply oxygen to pilots in the cockpit in the event of a drop in cabin pressure. Passengers and cabin crew have to breathe through overhead masks that are supplied oxygen through another O2 generator located in overhead panel. Pilots are supplied through separate bottles so that in case of cabin depressurisation or smoke, they do not suffer hypoxia (pass out due to O2 deficiency) which is an insidious killer — one of the worst possible scenarios for any aircraft and its passengers,” said a source.

Full report here Times of India


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