Airlines redesign business-class seats to lure high-value passengers


Singapore Airlines Ltd stewardesses pose next
to a business class seat during the launch of their
new generation of cabin products at Changi
Airport in Singapore

In a confidential test lab in a remote office park near the Frankfurt airport, a small Lufthansa team holed up for five years, refining one of the German airline’s most closely guarded secrets. They called it the V concept. 

Six feet six inches long and almost two feet wide, the V concept is the German carrier’s latest weapon in the fierce competition among global airlines. It is designed to withstand shocks 16 times the force of gravity and comes with a cozy padded footrest. It is a new business-class seat, and if you are traveling round trip from Frankfurt, Germany to New York, it can be yours for about $5,000. 

“Business class is where competition really is serious,” says Bjorn Bosler, the airline’s manager for passenger experience design, business and premium, who led Lufthansa’s team of dozens of seat designers and engineers. Bob Lange, senior vice president, head of market and product strategy at Airbus, the European plane maker, agrees: “There’s an arms race going on among carriers.” 

Full report here Economic Times


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