Airline staff, flyers should behave: Civil Aviation Minister

DELHI: Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju feels that 2018 would be a good year for the aviation sector with airports in several small cities likely to become operational, enabling people to have the option of flying.

In an interview to The Sunday Standard, Raju said the expansion of the aviation sector would increase competition, in turn improving facilities and amenities for fliers.

The Minister said there was no place for the recent incidents of misbehaviour by both passengers and airline staff.

“There is no way of justifying bad behaviour and there are systems in place for dealing with it. If a passenger behaves badly, he can be put on the ‘no-fly list’. If any airline employee behaves badly, we have the Air Sewa app on which anybody can file a complaint and the response on those complaints has to come within a particular timeline,” the minister said.

Although there are concerns about a sudden increase in air fares ahead of festivals or emergency situations, Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju has said that capping them would distort the market.

Instead, a rise in fares could be checked by increasing capacity and creating healthy competition, he said. He also expressed concern over incidents of airline staff misbehaving with passengers and said appropriate steps should be taken to handle them.


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