AirAsia India to start flights on Delhi-Mumbai route


The Indian unit of AirAsia will soon start flights from big cities, changing its strategy of connecting smaller cities to take on competition which followed the airline wherever it went since launch of operations earlier this year.

AirAsia India, which started with connecting cities like Chennai, Kochi, Goa, Chandigarh and Jaipur from its hub in Bangalore, plans to start operations from key cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The airline had earlier announced that it wouldn’t operate from these cities because of high airport charge.

“We had earlier decided to operate between smaller cities and develop markets but the competition is following us everywhere. Now, we have decided to take on competition in their big markets like Delhi and Mumbai by announcing our flights soon,” AirAsia India Chief Executive Mittu Chandilya said.

Since its launch, AirAsia has been facing severe competition from other domestic carriers. Days after it announced Bangalore as its hub, other airlines ramped up operations from there. Competition followed it on the Bangalore-Jaipur sector too, launching new flights. Analysts say AirAsia’s new strategy will help it grow faster in India.


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