Air India: Turbulent theories

Given the woeful condition of national carrier Air India, it has become somewhat fashionable to jump onto the bandwagon and criticise certain aspects of the airline. Unionism, government interference, corrupt leadership, etc, are things flyers—affected by a notorious Air India strike—have blamed for the pathetic state of the airline some time in their lives. Talking about the book, The Descent of Air India, former Air India deputy managing director Inder Sethi says, “The revelations in this book are not surprising when read and seen in the context of what is happening elsewhere in the country.”

Sethi may have meant it as a compliment, but what is true is that the reasons listed by former Air India executive director Jitender Bhargava in his 271-page book on the current state of Air India are hardly great revelations. Bhargava’s book is definitely not a seminal work of investigative writing on Air India. After all, the fact that the disruptive nature of the unions and the inability of the management to fight the unions led to the declining service standards is well known.

Full report here Indian Express


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