Air India to dock salaries of pilots refusing to fly at 11th hour


National carrier Air India (AI) has decided to dock salaries of pilots who pull out of flights for which they are rostered for at the eleventh hour.

According to the new pay structure cleared by the government, if a pilot refuses to operate a flight, which he has been rostered for, he would be liable for reduction of double flight hours from his flying allowance, reports Hindustan Times.

The new pay structure, as first reported by HT on January 16, includes stiff penalty clauses and requires pilots to fly a minimum 40 hours a month to be entitled to their monthly salary.

In the event of refusal four hours prior to the departure, double the number of hours will be deducted for the scheduled flight of up to six hours. “For flights more than six hours, a flat deduction of 14 hours will be made from the guaranteed flying allowance,” says the government order. “The guaranteed hour will be payable only if the pilot has made himself available for flying duties for 150 days in a period of six months. Further, the guaranteed 70 hours will be payable only if the actual flying is more than 40 hours.”


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