It happens only in India

Air India London-Ahmedabad flight late every second day


Amid much fanfare, Air India launched its first direct flight service between Ahmedabad and London (via Mumbai) on December 15 last year. Gujaratis living in the UK were very happy.

However, little did they know that they would suffer regular delays.On the first day of 2016, the London flight landed over six hours late at Ahmedabad airport, around afternoon on Friday, reports The Times of India.

Since its launch, the AI-130 London-Ahmedabad flight has got delayed by at least two hours every second day on an average.Even on Thursday, the flight from London arrived a little over two hours late.Beginning December 25, this particular flight got delayed almost every day by more than two hours.

The national carrier deployed Boeing Dreamliner and during the launch had claimed that this flight would prove to be a boon for six lakh Gujaratis settled in the United Kingdom.

However, for the passengers coming by this flight, it has proved to be nothing short of a bane.


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