Air India hikes fares

With a nearly 15 per cent hike in oil prices and a fall in rupee value, Air India on Thursday joined other airlines in raising its fares with its officials saying these were being increased to the levels that were in force two-three months ago.

Air India and some other airlines had announced special fares in June, which were 10-15 per cent lower, to attract more passengers.

“We are restoring the fares to the normal levels which existed in June,” airline sources said, adding that these special fares were being pulled out in view of major increase in jet fuel prices.

Air India’s move came a day after Jet Airways and no-frill carrier SpiceJet hiked fares by a steep 25 and 30 per cent respectively to mitigate the impact of the sharp fall in the rupee value and the almost seven per cent rise in oil prices. The hike by the airlines was generally in the base fares and not on the fuel surcharge.

Full report here Hindu


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