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Air India flight leaves 28 stranded

Twenty-eight passengers were stranded at the Dabolim airport due to a “hydraulic problem” in an Air India flight which was to fly from Goa to Kuwait via Chennai airport.

Tome Gracias, a passenger, said, “Passengers faced immense hardship during the halt as even the airline staff remained unavailable for clear instructions.” The flight was scheduled to leave Dabolim along with 28 passengers to Chennai and onward to Kuwait. After getting the boarding pass for the flight on Wednesday evening, the passengers were asked to collect dinner passes at the airport which struck them that there would be a delay. Gracias said”There was a woman who was asking for milk for her toddler and a man who was feeling uneasy. The staff failed to provide milk as well as there was a delay in getting the ambulance.” It was only at 1am, when passengers were informed about a technical problem in the flight and were asked to return.

Full report here Times of India


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