Air India enhances free check-in baggage on B747 Delhi-Mumbai route

DELHI: Following its successful decision to deploy the iconic Boeing 747 on Delhi-Mumbai route on December 13, 2013, Air India is allowing up to 40kg and 50kg of free check-in baggage for economy and business class passengers respectively on Boeing 747 Delhi- Mumbai service.

Passengers flying on Delhi-Mumbai route will have an opportunity to experience flying the airlines’ legendary ‘Queen of the Skies’ and can avail this facility from 7th January, a release says.

Presently, Air India allows 25kg in economy class and 35kg in business class of free check-in baggage on its flights as compared to 15kg offered by other airlines.

Air India is the only carrier to operate the 423 seater, four engine jumbo jet wide body aircraft called, B747 on the busiest route of India. The aircraft offers a premium value to passengers with the most private and exclusive accommodation in the sky with 26 business class and 12 First class seats on the upper deck.

The wide body aircraft also offers better leg room (82 inches in the first class, 57/59 inches in the business class and 31/34 in the economy class) as compared to the regular narrow body aircrafts that operate on this route.

Two flights that operate on Mumbai-Delhi route by B747 depart from Mumbai (AI806 and AI888) at 0800 hours in the morning and 1900 hours in the evening and arrive in Delhi 1015 hours and 2105 hours respectively.

Two flights operating on Delhi-Mumbai route depart Delhi (AI665 and AI805) at 0800 hours in the morning and 2000 in the evening and arrive in Mumbai at 1005 hours and 2225 hours respectively.

Air India is also offering fares starting from Rs.15000 onwards for travel in First class till January 15, 2017, a service that is being offered only by the flag carrier.

Also, In view of recent media reports about shortcomings regarding onboard facilities for passengers, Air India management has taken a strong cognizance and have instructed corrective measures to ensure enjoyable and delightful experience for the passengers.


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