Air India crew may be smuggling!

Indian news channel Headlines Today is looking deeper into how Air India cabin crew may be resorting to smuggling to boost their incomes. The channel first reported how two Air India cabin crew members were arrested for smuggling 45 kg of sandalwood, on 20th October

When quizzed the duo had blamed the pathetic financial condition of the national carrier that had left them with no option but to resort to such illegal means to earn money. The channel is now attempting to answer questions like how international smugglers get in touch with these crew members? How bad is the financial condition that employees have to resort to smuggling? And whether, this was a one off incident or not.

These agencies the TV channel met accepted that such illegal activities do take place but also asserted that they were alert all the time. Red Sandalwood, a banned item, topped the list among the smuggling items. The wood is in demand in India but it is a much sought after item in countries like Japan, China and Indonesia.

Read the full report here Headlines Today


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