Air India brazenly flouting DGCA norms


Let’s just get straight  to the point. There are around 2,000 flight attendants in Air India (AI) who aren’t even properly trained to help you out in emergency situations. Leave aside helping you, there are some who cannot even help themselves handling the oven door. Sounds pretty bizarre ? Well hear this now.These 2,000-odd attendants aren’t even the regular crew but in contract with Air India for three years.

What’s hilarious is the fact that DGCA rule doesn’t allow contracted crew to be on board, but these attendants have been cleared as regular crew members by Air India. They have regular photograph passes issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and even the type-D visa for five years. In all, they are armed to the core with IDs and approvals but little training.

This major irregularity has been brought to light by the All India Cabin Crew Association which has shared the shocking revelation of the RTI about the crew hired on contract basis by AI. AICCA alleges that in 2011, the DGCA had given permission to AI to hire some 25 odd attendants as one time arrangement but AI without any further approval of the DGCA or the change in rule book started recruiting so many flight attendants that the number reached nearly 2,000.

Full report here Business Today


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