Air India approves TAAI’s proposal

MUMBAI: Air India has agreed to the proposal from TAAI, after recent meeting, that they must remunerate all IATA agencies irrespective of their size, for the sale of all Domestic & International Passages.

The emphasis was to connect Air India with more IATA agencies in India and have them ticket directly, reports Travel Trends Today.

Sunil Kumar, President, TAAI said, “What’s the point that our National Carrier is not actively sold directly by a large percentage of IATA agencies in India?

Currently most agencies are compelled to pick up tickets from an intermediary and not an Airline and the current initiative by Air India will be of great significance to change this trend.”

This decision by Air India is reflective of the National Airline’s prominence in India, which is so important for every Airline in its own country. The additional two per cent to every IATA agency without any target is an excellent move to offer Air India, the ‘market leadership’ in India. In most countries of the world, the national carrier has a huge prominence and there’s great loyalty exhibited from the Travel Agencies and passengers.

Kumar added, “This move can be a game-changer and offer to Air India an opportunity to win over the market. We appreciate and acknowledge this initiative from Air India and thank them to have considered this proposal from TAAI.”


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