It happens only in India

Air India aircraft bangs into light pole at Mumbai airport


A Boeing aircraft suffered partial damage while it was moving towards its bay on February 23 at the Mumbai airport.

The Air India (AI 191) flight had arrived from Ahmedabad with 447 passengers and was about to take off for Newark when it hit a light pole at the perimeter area, damaging its right wing partially, reports Midday.

The airline was in the news recently when an AI technician lost his life allegedly due to miscommunication between the pilots and the ground staff. Officials from the airline claimed that the incident took place as the ATC misguided the pilot by asking him to use a narrow body taxiway, instead of that used for wide body aircrafts. “According to the commanding pilot, the ATC guided him to the wrong taxiway. He was told to use Y taxiway instead of H,” said a senior airline official. The Y taxiway is used for smaller aircrafts whereas the H is used for bigger ones. The aircraft was moved towards the old airport area for repair.

An Air India spokesperson said, “The aircraft that landed in Mumbai for a layover did not have a follow me jeep to guide it due to some miscommunication from the ATC which led to the incident. However, there wasn’t any delay in departure to Newark due to this incident.”


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