Air France makes Indians sleep on cold floor

Indians traveling to India from the US on Air France, beware! If, like in a recent  incident, where a flight was cancelled during a stopover in Paris, one may find himself sleeping on the cold Parisian floor even as while others are whisked away to a hotel, says a letter written by a disgruntled passenger from India. Thousands have shared it on Twitter. Tens of thousands on Facebook.

24-year-old Jay Shah, was travelling home from New York to Mumbai via Paris last month when his flight was cancelled. He recounts in great detail why he feels he and other passengers were poorly treated (the letter runs to nine pages).

Some passengers – those with the relevant visas – were put up in a hotel overnight. But the rest, most of whom were Indian, were left in the terminal until their replacement flight more than 24 hours later. Some slept on the floor. There weren’t enough blankets. He claims the staff were cold-hearted in their response when one man asked to be rescheduled to make it back for his father’s funeral.

Read the full report here,  News Observer


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