Air charter firms face uncertain times


TAJ Air Ltd, the air charter company owned by the Tata Group, wants to expand its operations and add one more aircraft to its fleet of three, but has been forced to do a rethink.

“The present aviation scenario is restricting growth of our charter business,” says Atiesh Mishra, director of operations at TAJ Air, reports Mint.

“In fact, we want to ramp up our operations in business aviation. But thanks to infrastructure constraints and high taxation, many corporate houses are limiting their operations. There is no space to expand aircraft fleet in Mumbai airport. Airports at Ahmedabad and Delhi have similar stories,” says Atiesh Mishra.

True, air traffic may be growing, but business aviation is not.

At least 15-20 planes owned by business houses, charter services and individuals are up for sale, as the high cost of operations and lack of adequate infrastructure make the general aviation sector a tough market to crack.


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