AI off deathbed, but privatisation only way ahead


Commentators have long been predicting Air India’s imminent demise and not without reason. If far mightier airlines have keeled over, why wouldn’t the national carrier, bled by excesses, mismanagement and corruption? A book by a former Air India executive released on Friday predicts as much, stopping short of writing its epitaph. Yet, Air India continues to totter along, wrapped in a Rs 30,000-crore government cocoon.

These commentators have often served up privatisation as an antidote to Air India’s agony. On October 5, aviation minister Ajit Singh joined the chorus. “Privatisation of Air India could be considered if there is political consensus. State funding cannot be endless,” he told The Times of India.

Singh was gingerly treading on a cause celebre, but the statement still created a flutter. Some would see a minister pushing for privatisation akin to a patriarch selling family jewels. Predictably, the consensus that Singh sought came in the form of universal resistance by opposition lawmakers.

Full report here Economic Times 


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