AI in-flight TV calls flyer ‘idiot’

Unlike flight attendants, in-flight entertainment systems onboard the planes are unfailingly courteous in their electronic speech — or so one would think. But on a recent Air India London-Mumbai flight, a passenger discovered that even an equipment can be rude. When she tried to work the in-flight entertainment system to watch a movie it refused to relent and in an uncharacteristic display of emotion, called her an idiot and ordered her to lie low. 

The strange case of the temperamental entertainment system is being investigated by the airline after the passenger filed a complaint. 

The incident took place on July 25 onboard Air India’s London-Mumbai flight AI-130. Inside the swanky Boeing 777 aircraft, where every passenger gets an access to an in-flight entertainment system, the woman passenger in question was seated on 19H in the economy class.

Full report here Times of India


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