AI flight to Allahabad rescheduled 5 times

More than 50 passengers were left cursing their luck after Air India rescheduled its 8.15 am Mumbai-Allahabad flight five times on Friday, before cancelling it altogether. While around 20 flyers called off the trip and settled for a refund, a group of about 30 was accommodated on a Delhi-bound flight that made an unscheduled stop at Varanasi, from where the flyers were allotted taxis to travel to Allahabad, around 130 km away.

Air India said Flight 9614 couldn’t take off because of bad weather at Allahabad, but the passengers said they weren’t given any reason. Around eight people, including an HR executive from the city, Shuchita Shukla, said they missed out on a seminar at Allahabad, for which they had paid a lot of money. “We came to know that the flight was cancelled on Thursday as well. We got absolutely no help from the airline staff at the airport,” Shukla said.

Full report here Mumbai MirrorĀ 


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