AI Express is home to retired AI staff

Air India Express is probably the only airline in the world with a predominantly grey-haired workforce. In the last few years, so many Air India employees have moved to this low-cost airline subsidiary after retirement to draw a higher salary that they currently comprise about 75 per cent of the carrier’s workforce (excluding pilots and flight attendants).

This post-retirement recruitment has happened despite the fact that the government-run Air India is overstaffed and has been surviving on tax-payers’ money.

AI Express began operations eight years ago and was largely run by AI employees sent there on deputation. The low-cost carrier began the practice of recruiting the retired lot from AI about four years ago, and the trend has picked up. AI’s retired staffers now with AI Express include those who started off as typists and clerks and, because of the government carrier’s time-bound promotion rule, retired as assistant managers.

Full report here Times of India


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