AI Dreamliners to be grounded for repairs


US aircraft major Boeing will begin repair work on its snag-prone Dreamliners from Sunday. It will carry out both software upgrades and some hardware replacements in Air India’s B-787s. All airlines globally using the Dreamliner have been facing issues with this brand new plane.

“We have 10 Dreamliners. About seven to eight of them will need different amount of work as the newer ones that have joined the fleet recently have those upgrades. We will be grounding our Dreamliners one by one to carry out repairs. This grounding for repair by Boeing is coinciding with our schedule grounding for normal checks,” said a senior AI official.

AI is looking forward to the repairs as software errors have meant that the cockpit gets too many warning signals on this plane. For safety reasons, these warnings cannot be ignored. Almost every time, we have found these warning to be erroneous but this has meant delaying flights and causing passengers’ inconvenience.

Full report here Times of India 


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