AI decides to lift cargo from Trichy

The Air India Express has finally decided to lift cargo from Trichy airport, though in small quantities. The national carrier’s Chennai-based general manager (commercial) Ramaiah Radhakrishan who was briefly in Trichy on Tuesday told TOI that the first consignment would be officially lifted in the AXB-611 taking off for Dubai around 1.10 am on Wednesday.

Exporters from the region have been demanding Air India Express to lift cargo for long, and after the grounding of Mihin Lanka from April this year, the cry for cargo became strident. Traders are unhappy over the cancellation of Mihin Lanka because it gave the much-needed gulf connectivity from Colombo. Since most of the exports are perishables, the Sri Lankan is the preferred carrier since it is the only airline that connects to most of the destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

Full report here Times of India


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