Ahmedabad flyers asked to report 3 hours before departure


A day before his 7am flight to Mumbai from Ahmedabad on Friday, Chirag Patel, a city-based professional got a message from the airline asking him to report three hours before scheduled departure for boarding instead of regular timing of arrival of 1.52 hours before.

When he checked with airline, he was told this is being done to ensure smooth boarding of passengers as Ahmedabad airport is among the few airports on high alert.

For last 2-3 days, almost all the passengers flying from Ah medabad are getting a message from their respective airlines to arrive at airport 3 hours before scheduled departure of the flight on the domestic routes.

Ahmedabad airport is among those which have been put on high alert after Pathan kot terror attack. “Following high alert, CISF personnel deployed at airport have been asked to do thorough checking of at least 60% of the passengers during security check.

Earlier around10%-15% of the passeng ers were only checked and that too randomly. Passengers are being screened through multiple layers of checking,” said a station manager of an airline.


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