Advent of unique hotels

Hotels that are built around a unique concept or theme with a distinctive architecture have been popular in many countries around the world. From the ICEHOTEL in Sweden to the futuristic Silken Puerta America Madrid hotel in Spain, these properties have been attracting travellers interested in staying in an unusual ambience, often with a subtle theme of fantasy. However, the concept of unique hotels is at a nascent stage in India, but is slowly picking up and catering to a niche segment of Indian travellers. “Indians who are travelling for the first time want to put themselves up in internationally branded hotels. But those who travel frequently want to enjoy a different experience in the country and abroad. This new experience is offered by unique hotels,” states, Upal Sarkar, operations manager, Floatel An Eco-Friendly Hotel in Kolkata. Floatel is believed to be the only floating hotel in India

Another reason for Indian travellers to opt for unique hotels in India is their exposure to the same across international locations. “Lot of Indians are now travelling abroad so they have either seen or stayed at such unique properties there or have information about them. This trend is catching up in India. Investors in India are slowly trying to get into this segment and are realising the importance of having such unique properties,” opines Mathew Joseph, director – marketing, Le Green Hotels & Resorts. Le Green Hotels & resorts has 22 properties across different locations in India, out of which Hampi Boulders Resort is constructed out of boulders.

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