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Accord industry status to tourism


The Prime Minister has declared tourism as one among the five ‘T’s which can strengthen the growth of India. But for the development of tourism, the government must declare tourism with industry status and to include in the ‘Make in India Category’ and promote domestic tourism.

During 2014 the outbound traffic from India figures to 15 million by spending almost $15 billion and it shall cross 30 million by 2018 with a spending of $30 billion and there will be a huge outflow of foreign exchange as well as revenue, reports The New Indian Express.

The government should declare at least Rs 1 lakh income tax benefit on travel within India which can attract more people to travel within the country.
Rebate of service tax benefit on domestic packages should be announced.

Declare special airfare for domestic tourist operators. In order to encourage domestic tourism in an affordable manner, the budget can announce sops for domestic travellers who take the air-route.

Provide special air charter between main tourist destinations and offer tax rebate for fuel on such chartering.


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