AAI directs safety audit of airports


The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has ordered safety audits of all airports across the country in the wake of a recent incident in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh where a SpiceJet flight hit a herd of wild boars which strayed onto the runway as it landed.

AAI Chairman R K Srivastava, who recently chaired a meeting of the airline heads, said they were giving the highest possible attention to address the issue as the incident was raised by chief executive officer of SpiceJet G P Gupta. Gupta’s concern was raised by representatives of other airlines also, following which Srivastava said AAI has ordered safety audit of the airports, sources said. On December 5, a SpiceJet plane had a close shave when it ran into the wild boars after landing at the airport. The pilot, on noticing the boars on the runway, veered the aircraft towards the left of the runway.

The aircraft left the main runway and the nose landing gear collapsed. All the 49 passengers escaped unhurt. However, it was not an isolated incident. In November last year, a SpiceJet flight with over hundred passengers onboard hit a buffalo on the runway in Surat.

Earlier in September, pigs were spotted on the runway of Nagpur airport as President Pranab Mukherjee landed in the city. Fortunately, the pigs did not cross the runway while the plane was landing. Ten days later, rabbits were spotted while a flight landed.


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