A new high for Bryant Park

Crosses annual revenue target of Rs. 1.25 crore in just four and a half months

For the first time, the Bryant Park, one of the prime tourist attractions in Kodaikanal, has set a record in earnings, by crossing its annual target of Rs.1.25 crore, in just four and half months even before the second season has picked up, thanks to good inflow of tourists on the Independence Day.

The park has attracted 4.50 lakh tourists between April 1 and August 15 and total earnings were Rs.1.25 crore through entrance fees. During the corresponding period last year, there were 4.23 lakh visitors to the park and the entrance fee collection was Rs.85 lakh.

“The 67th Independence Day will forever remain an evergreen memory in the minds of park officials and staff as it shattered all previous records in earnings and set an all time record in revenue collection, surpassing the target earmarked in the current fiscal. Still, we have seven more months in this fiscal. More over, the second season has not ended and will continue till September. Our revenue will certainly go up further”, S. Raja Mohamed, Deputy Director of Horticulture, Kodaikanal, said on Sunday. To achieve this, the park officials had worked hard. Creation of more facilities, planting of more exotic species, meticulous planning and effective monitoring were prime reasons for this great achievement.

Full report here Hindu


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