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A Mughal courtier’s lost garden

The minute you drive out of Indira Gandhi International Airport, you pass Mehram Nagar. To many, the village is just another locality with open drains, narrow lanes and garbage. Only the cognoscenti know it’s home to ruins of a lost era. 

A gateway, a mosque, an enclosing wall, a katra and an authentic Mughal garden—all in various stages of dilapidation and decay—stand testimony to the historicity of the settlement set up in mid-17 th century and named after Mughal courtier Mehram Khan. 

“This place is home to three generations of my family. There was a sarai here with three imposing gateways and an enclosing wall. Only fragments of the original architecture have survived and what is left may disappear soon with so much construction happening everywhere. No government agency has ever showed an interest in these structures,” old-timer Manohal Lal said. 

Full report here Times of India


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