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A blockbuster day for tourism in Puducherry


For the city’s tourism sector, there are weekends and then there are weekends.

While waves of domestic tourists arriving over weekends have traditionally kept the tourism hearth warm, the latest string of holidays had ‘crushing hit’ written all over, reports The Hindu.

There has been an unusually high influx of tourists, predominantly domestic, in the city. Hotel rooms are all taken, traffic is chaotic and almost all the favourite hangouts, including the Promenade, the Mission Street and the Chunnambar Boat House are swarming with visitors.

Domestic tourists form the lion’s share of the roughly one million tourists that Puducherry attracts annually. Historically, domestic tourists account for about 90 per cent of arrivals, predominantly from Chennai and Bengaluru.

On Saturday, heavy crowds at Chunnambar Boat House, which is managed by the Puducherry Tourism Development Corporation, led to traffic hurdles through the day on the highway to Cuddalore.

Ticket sale collections shot through the roof with boat rides fetching a record Rs. 8.50 lakh on Saturday alone. This is much higher than the Rs. 7 lakh daily average from the fleet of 22 boats.


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