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A 360-degree view of Goa


Goa Tourism conducted an Instawalk on the occasion of Nature Photography Day. Encouraged by the success of this activity it was decided to make this a regular property and that gave rise to #GoaInstawalk 2.0.

Since Goa Tourism’s official Instagram account was set up in March 2014, it has wanted to connect with national and international users in a personalised manner and through pictures. The department’s efforts received 11,266 likes and 1.9 million (1,984,464) impressions for its latest #GoaInstawalk campaign, reports Business Line.

#GoaInstawalk was aimed at adding an experiential element to online conversations about Goa. It was a 360-degree digital campaign with blogger engagement programme and on-ground activation in the form of Instawalks. Photographers, locals, domestic and international tourists as well as online influencers were invited to participate through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Goa Tourism’s Instagram account had about 400 followers in May 2014. That number grew to 4,000 followers by the end of August 2014. The department reports that after the #GoaInstawalk campaigns kicked off, interactions about tourism in Goa have gone up remarkably in the digital space. The first version of #GoaInstawalk held on June, 15, 2014, on the occasion of Nature Photography Day saw 15 participants, the second edition in August 2014 saw 45 participants. #GoaInstawalk has attracted participants from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Goa, Canada and Germany. More than 500 photographs have been posted on Instagram and other platforms by users during and after the walk.


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