58 shops demolished at Bodh Gaya

All the 58 shops of the market opposite world famous Mahabodhi temple were demolished on Thursday for security reasons. The shops belonged to three different organizations–the tourism department of the state government, Bodh Gaya Temple Management Committee and Bodh Gaya Nagar Panchayat. The decision to demolish the market was taken at a high-level meet presided over by chief secretary Ashok Kumar in Bodh Gaya on Friday last.

The demolitions were carried out as part of the security measures to protect Buddha shrine following the July 7 serial blasts inside the shrine and four other points in the holy city. In view of the resistance being offered by the shopkeepers and opposition by the local unit of the BJP, heavy police deployment was made at Bodh Gaya since last Thursday morning to maintain law and order. Contrary to apprehensions, the demolition exercise did not come across much resistance, as the shopowners reconciled to their destiny by Wednesday evening. District officials pressed into service no less than four bull dozers to execute the demolitions.

Full report here Times of India


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