5-star resorts do well despite poor tourism season in Goa


Poor tourism season aside, the hospitality industry is gung-ho about Goa’s tourism potential and major players in the industry are all set to commence operations with a few more waiting in the pipeline. The knowledge that the domestic middle class has higher aspirations and a disposable income is also keeping hopes afloat.

As on March 31, the number of high-end, five-star properties stood at around 30 with about 5,800 rooms on offer for travelers, industry leaders estimated, reports Times of India. The number has increased from the 25 certified five-star resorts and 3,465 rooms that were available in 2012. While six more resorts are in the development phase, the investment promotion board recently cleared two major five-star projects, indicating that the industry was eying steady, if not aggressive, growth.

“The very fact that hotels are coming up shows that there is scope and potential in investing in Goa,” Ernest Dias, chief operating officer, SITA, said.

Interestingly, the department of tourism states that there are 76 five-star resorts in Goa with a total of 6,566 rooms, a number that many stakeholders in the industry find a tad difficult to accept.


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