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Top 5 places to visit for miracles


There is a reason why India is called the land of the faithful. There are things and places here that defeat understanding and boggle the mind. But if you are the sorts who travels to be amazed, then this may just be the interinery for you.

1. Bullet Baba shrine, Bandai Village, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

bike baba
Om aka Bullet Baba

The story goes that one Om Singh Rathore died upon crashing his motorcycle into a tree at Bandai, Jodhpur. The police claimed and took this bike to the station but lo and behold, the bike was mysteriously found back at the accident spot the very next day. The police again took it back, emptied the gas tank and tied it in chains. But again, the bike made its way back to the same spot. Not having the guts to take on the supernatural, the police smartly moved this bike to the accident spot permanently. Today, the spirit of Om baba or bullet baba is said to protect travellers. When visiting offer flowers and alcohol.

2. Stones that float! Rameshwaram, Pamban island, Tamil Nadu

As per Ramayana, Lord Ram needed to get his army across the sea from present day Rameshwaram to Ravana’s capital in present day Sri Lanka to save his queen Sita. To do so, he needed a bridge across the sea. His troops simply wrote his names on stones and miraculously, these stones did not sink into water. What lends credibility to this tale is that such floating stones’  can still found around Rameshwaram. Visit to see with your own eyes.

Floating rocks at Rameshwaram

3. Levitating Stone – Shivapur, Pune, Maharashtra

Rocks that self levitate at Shivapur, Pune

If stones could fly..well yes they can, in Shivapur, Pune. Here lies the shrine of Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh where a 70 kg rock can be lifted on just fingertips. It does need 11 people though. They need to touch the rock together and shout out the saint’s name and rock just flies up. (Read a detailed account and see video here).

The tale is that saint Qamar Ali was taunted by wrestlers at the shrine which used to be a gymnasium about 800 years ago. He then placed a spell on the rocks, forever teaching them a lesson. Try for yourself and become a believer forever.

 4. Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

hanging pillae leepakashi
Hanging pillar at Lepakashi temple, Andhra Pradesh

At Lepakashi village in AP, one can find a hanging pillar!. At the Lepakashi temple that has 70 pillars, one hangs on without any support. Locals consider it auspicious to pass things under the pillar and believe it brings good fortune.


5. The Eternal Flame – Jwala Ji Temple, Kangra Valley

jwalaji-temple flame
The flame at Jwalaji temple, Kangra

Here you will find a flame that has been constantly burning for hundreds of years in a hollow stone. The Jwala Ji Temple of Kangra is dedicated to Lord Shiva’s wife, Sati. She , self immolated herself when her father refused to invite Shiva to his home and festive celebrations.

On her death, a furious Shiva danced the Tandav carrying Sati’s burnt corpse. The corpse’s pieces fell in 51 places. The present day temple is believed to be Sati’s tongue. Come and marvel at this improbable bit of magic.

Jwalaji temple courtyard







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