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3,500 year old burial site attracts tourists

NAGPUR: Junapani burial site in Gorewada forest area has now opened the 3,500-year-old megalithic structure for the visitors.

It has become a destination for adventure seekers and history lovers, reports The Times of India.

Spread in an area of about six to seven km inside the Gorewada forest, this burial site is just one part of the huge Junapani civilisation of Vidarbha where more than 150 megaliths graves are found, which can be traced back to megalithic age.

“This site was first discovered in 1930 by a British anthropologist Sir Gerald Hunter and soon after the excavation work started here in 1933, and they discovered copper vessels, human skeletons, weapons and other artefacts that dates back to 3500 years, which we have preserved in the Zonal Anthropological Museum,” informs head curator of the museum, Dr Sanjay Shukla.

He adds, “Since Gorewada forest officials have opened access to the site, visitors are loving the idea of getting up close with Junapani civilisation, earlier seen in pictures only.”

Vidarbha has a variety of Megalithic burial circles.

Explaining their significance, Dr Shukla, says, “The structures found in Gorewada are circular and connected to both Junapani and Mahurzari civilisation which have the highest number of circular stones in India.”

He adds, “There are about 1500 cairns burials near Kherwadi in Wardha district, which are connected to Gorewada burial ground. The megaliths of Junapani are made of basalt rocks which can be seen through the satellite.”


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