It happens only in India

3 passengers get drunk mid-air on a GoAir flight


Three passengers got into a Go Air Delhi-Mumbai flight late last night with a bottle of liquor and started consuming the liquor on board, mid air.

Indian rules forbid carriage or consumption of alcohol on board domestic flights, reports The Economic Times.

A Go Air spokesman confirmed the incident and said the passengers were consuming it on the sly. They were reported to the cabin crew by a fellow passenger. They tried to intervene but in vain, following which they informed CISF officials before landing. The passengers were apprehended but let off with a minor fine, said a person at the airport.

The person said the bottle was bought at a restaurant/bar inside the security check area at the domestic (low fare carrier) Terminal T1D at the Delhi airport.
When contacted, a CISF spokesperson said ‘In such cases, the waiter at the restaurant is supposed to pour the drink in a glass and not let passengers buy the bottle and take it inside the flight,’.


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