3 airports ban Indian chartered flights

The ban, which is due to concerns about safety standards of Indian carriers, comes days after Japan barred Air India’s Dreamliners from landing at any of its airports.

Three countries have banned Indian private chartered carriers from landing in their airports following rising concerns about whether Indian operators adhere to international safety norms. The ban does not apply to Indian commercial airlines. 

The decision of Singapore, Hong Kong and Bali airports follows a December 2012 audit by the International Civil Aviation Organisation that said Indian carriers do not comply with the its safety standards. 

“We recently filed flight plans for Singapore and were told in writing that plans could not be cleared due to ICAO norms not being met,” said a leading charter operator who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The Business Jet Owners Association (BJOA) has written to the civil aviation ministry asking it to intervene and ensure that they can fly to these countries. 

Full report here Mumbai Mirror


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