2 in 3 wide body AI flights delayed on Valentine’s Day


Air India’s chronic flight delays have been blamed on cabin crew reporting late, engineers and even cockpit crew delays. But is crew tardiness the only reason for AI’s dismal on-time performance? Maybe not.

According to sources, for four days this month, late arrival of crew accounted for less than 3% of delays across the Air India network. Crew indiscipline is rampant and needs to be curbed but perhaps Air India needs to also restructure operations in other departments such as engineering, crew scheduling etc. Especially since the Ministry of Civil Aviation is now examining a daily report on AI’s flight delays and reasons for each delay, reports Firstpost.

That crew tardiness alone could not have caused such massive delays will become apparent if one were to examine these startling numbers for Air India’s OTP:

Less than 40% of its wide body flights took off on time on Valentine’s Day this year. This means only about one in three flights (most of them international) was on time that day. On the night of February 14-15, wide body OTP was a little less than 50% which means every second wide body flight on Air India’s network was delayed. For four successive days, from February 14 to 18, at least every second wide body flight across Air India’s network was delayed and on February 19th, not even 3 out of 10 WB flights took off on time.


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