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Goa tourism struggles with beach shack allocations


Although the tourism department has been relieved of the task of going through the motions of allotment of shacks for this season, its workload is far from over. With the tourism season set to take off next month, the tourism department will have to dispose off many complaints received from shack operators and others alleging violations of the provisions of beach shacks policy, before permissions are issued for the season to last year’s allottees of beach shacks. Last season, shacks were allotted for a period of three years valid up to 2016.

Tourism officials entrusted with the task of earmarking beach shacks, will have to also consider numerous requests and demands from hotels located close to the beach, as well as from private beach shack operators not to allow beach shacks in front of their properties.

A tourism official who didn’t want to be named, said though they don’t have to do the whole process of shack allotment again this year, the task at hand of scrutinizing applications and earmarking area for erecting shacks is not easy.

“First of all we have to clear all complaints before permissions are issued,” he said. The allottees have submitted their applications and tourism department is expected to complete the whole process in two weeks. After site inspection, each allottee will be given specified area on the beach where he will require to erect his shack. “We have last year’s plan but we may have to make changes where there has been soil erosion,” pointed out a tourism official.

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