Youth Cong opposes plan for 24/7 bars in Delhi

Youth Congress hit out against the Delhi govt over a proposal to allow restaurants and bars to remain open all night

DELHI:  The Youth Congress on Friday hit out against the Delhi government for considering a proposal to allow restaurants and bars to remain open all night, questioning the motives behind such a policy.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government is looking at a new excise policy that will enable restaurants and bars to operate 24/7 in a bid to boost nightlife in the city as well as hike revenue.

The Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress (DPYC) said in a statement that it objected to the move, citing “social and cultural fabric” of the city and the “law and order situation”.

“The government is fooling people by saying that the new excise policy is for generating revenue when Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal keeps saying they have enough revenue when their publicity spending is questioned,” said DPYC president Amit Malik.

Mr. Malik added that the Youth Congress would hold protests if the government pushes the new policy via a Bill in Delhi Assembly.

He said the DPYC had started a signature campaign in all Assembly constituencies to gather support against the new policy.

Meanwhile, Tourism and Culture Minister Kapil Mishra maintained that the move would boost business in the city. He added that the not only would it help tourists, but if markets remained open at night, there would be less crime.


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