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Young Indians taking more trips on impulse

DELHI: Young Indian travellers are more likely to make last minute travel bookings on an impulse said a study by online travel portal Make My Trip that aimed to find travel patterns for Indian customers.

The study found that there was an increase in the number of bookings made merely a week before the trip indicating an emerging trend of impromptu bookings.

“Young Indian travellers are very spontaneous, as demonstrated by the surge in last minute bookings. The spontaneity reflects in the data. More impromptu plans have been made with 81 per cent of the domestic bookings happening within a month and 36 per cent of international bookings happening within a week of travel,” the study said.

The study also found that 17% more young people between the 18-24 year age group were travelling now compared to 12 per cent last year. It also noted an increase in repeat individual travel while registering a significant number of bookings made online.

“57 per cent more customers travelled in the second half of 2016 as compared to the same time period in 2015 with 56 per cent of all customers using the app for all their bookings, witnessing an almost 1.7 times growth from 33 per cent last year,” the study said.

Destinations like Thailand, Singapore and Dubai continue to be the top travelled international destinations among Indian travellers, while popularity of places like Maldives, Warsaw and Seychelles was on the rise. Domestically, Kerala, Andamans, Goa and Himachal remained the preferred domestic destinations according to the study.

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