‘Yamuna Aarti’ to spread awareness about pollution


In a novel exercise to raise awareness on the need to clean up the Yamuna, locals here have taken to organising daily ‘puja’ of the river, saying their hope is that the gods will teach polluters a lesson and lead to greater conservation efforts on part of the government.

Scores of people gather every evening at Etmauddaula park here to conduct an ‘aarti’ of the Yamuna, reports Zeenews.

“Seventy days ago, under our ‘River Connect’ campaign we started the ‘Yamuna Aarti’ to bring people back to the river.”

“From a trickle, the number of activists and devotees coming for the aarti and pledging support to restore the glory of a dying river has gone up several fold,” said Goswami Nandan Shrotriya, a priest at the Sri Mathuradheesh temple.


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