Will Corporation celebrate too?

The coordinators of Madras Week recently announced that Madras Day, August 22, will this year be celebrated as what it has become, Madras Week, from August 18 to 25. But they went on to add that this year’s celebrations, as usual by institutions volunteering to arrange talks, quizzes, exhibitions, contests etc., already has programmes planned from the first week of August to the first week of September. And they hoped that even more institutions will volunteer to join what looks like becoming a ‘Madras Month’. “The more the merrier,” they say, “if it means creating a greater awareness about this ‘First City of Modern India’.” And one of those firsts, they pointed out, is the Corporation of Madras, the oldest municipal body in any British territory outside the United Kingdom.

This year it is also a significant year for the Madras Corporation. It is the 325th year of the Corporation beginning to function and it is also the 100th year of it moving into its new home, Ripon Building, after starting work in the Fort and then in premises in Errabalu Chetty Street. Two reasons to celebrate – and particularly if those celebrations can be a year-long one that could be flagged off from the restored Ripon Building on September 29.

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