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Wildlife now providing for human livelihood


As the World Environment Day is celebrated across the globe, most think of nothing more than planting trees on this day. However, Vidarbha has not only made a difference in conservation of forests and species with declaration of nine new wildlife sanctuaries in little over last three years, the new and some old popular parks are already generating livelihood for hundreds of local residents. It is estimated they have a potential to generate around Rs19 crore annually, if systematic marketing is done.

So, contrary to popular view that these protected areas (PAs) are hurdles in development, they are actually providing jobs while preserving the environment. These areas will not only act as gene pool for tigers and other wildlife but also help fight global warming and more. Though out of compulsion, had state government not declared these areas as protected, they could have ended up in the hands of mining lobby or turned into timber supply zones. This would lead loss of biodiversity and species and forced rapid landscape changes causing further environmental damage.

Full report here Times of India


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