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West Bengal tourism pins hope on Shah Rukh Khan

KOLKATA: Shah Rukh is as Shah Rukh does! The star with the Midas touch, who has reinvented many a lacklustre product, has given a shot in the arm to West Bengal tourism by starring in its new campaign.

It has garnered over a million views on the internet, and is currently trending at number seven on Twitter, reports The Economic Times.

The tourism department wants to capitalise on the gains, and have plans of showcasing the campaign on television and theatres.

SEE VIDEO HERE: Brand Bengal 

“Close to Rs 300 crores would be spent in developing tourism in the state, which is 15% higher against the budget last year,” said the state tourism department’s principal secretary AR Bardhan.

“While the promotional campaign has already grabbed eyeballs and highlighted everything from the hills to the beaches in Bengal, we would be coming up with new destinations for the state,” he added. Chalsa, on the Himalayan foothills of the Duars region, Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, and Buxa are among the places that would get a Rs150 crore facelift.

To bring these places back on tourist itineraries, the focus of the facelift would be on everything from infrastructure development to promoting the destinations. The tourism department will also encourage private investments in the cruise sector. “We are trying to introduce a maritime route for international destinations like Bangladesh,” Bardhan added.


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