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Weed tourism on a high

Ever since Mary Jane (aka weed, marijuana, pot or ganja) was introduced in pop culture, her patrons have been crooning anthems to legalise it in the mainstream. Recently, after scientists re-discovered the “medicinal properties” of this herbal drug, the arguments and counter-arguments to legalise marijuana are back in news. Though many look skeptically at marijuana usage, for a section of the younger generation it is no longer a taboo. While access to this drug in Delhi is quite easy, one can also see a marked rise in weed tourism.

As the holiday season is around the corner and the party planning is in full swing, many youngsters are heading towards destinations where one can smoke up marijuana and relax in the lap of nature.
Kush Wadhwa (name changed on request), a DU student and an event organiser, mentions, “There are usually two type of smokers — people who do it for recreational purposes, and then there are regular smokers.

The ones who smoke only at parties usually go to Kasol, Vrindavan or Manali for a day or two, and party there. The others usually head to places like Tosh, Kheerganga and certain places in Kerala and Manipur, where good quality stuff is available at cheaper prices. The best quality of weed available in today’s date is Kerala gold, Mysore mango and Malana cream. To score these varieties, regular junkies usually spend good time in these small towns and stock up a good amount when they return.”

Full report here Asian Age


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