Want to see disaster tourism? Visit Edalhatu

The neighbourhood is a warren of unplanned constructions and bamboo poles that prop up electricity lines hanging like festoons. And yet, Edalhatu is a mere 3km from chief minister Hemant Soren’s residence on Kanke Road in Ranchi.

At any moment, a bamboo pole can topple and electrocute people to death. But some 300 households of this ward No. 2 neighbourhood have been living on the edge of fear for years thanks to sustained administrative indifference.

The area, less than 2km away from posh residential areas Morabadi and Tagore Garden and their multi-crore mansions, doesn’t have cement poles or wires for electricity supply.

Its roads are so badly pockmarked that walking or riding a two-wheeler without a mishap takes dexterity and courage. In addition, roads have no street lights.

Full report here Telegraph 


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