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Want juicy strawberries, go to Maharashtra


Maharashtra which accounts for 80% of the strawberry production in India is undoubtedly the strawberry capital of the country. Now Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is stepping into the act to use the fruit to attract more tourists to the state. To do so, it is organising a  Strawberry Festival in association with the Strawberry Growers Association and Mapro.

Till the 9th of March, MTDC will promote the Strawberry Festival at malls in five major cities of Maharashtra including, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad and Nagpur. Ms Kishori Gadre, General Manager, MTDC, said, “Maharashtra is famous for its mangos which are being exported to various states in India and across the globe. However, strawberry is highly perishable fruit and needs faster consumption. Tourists tourists visiting Maharashtra for fresh in season strawberries can help solve the problem.”

The fruit and its products will be available to the people and tourists in these cities till 9th March. “The fruit needs to be promoted aggressively in the state first. If the people of Maharashtra realise the opportunity , it will be easier to attract tourists in the state,” said Ms Gadre.



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